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Stewart Online and Internet Explorer

Stewart Online is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer v.6.0 or higher. To get the best possible visual experience from Stewart Online and to have the least possible chance for errors it is recommended to confirm your version of Internet Explorer and, if necessary, upgrade by following these simple steps below. 

How can I verify what version of Internet Explorer is running on my computer?

    1.  Open Internet Explorer.

    2.  Click "Help" > "About Internet Explorer".

    3.  The version of Internet Explorer will display in the About Internet Explorer window (see example).

    If your version is less than 6.0 it is recommended that you upgrade Internet Explorer.

    How do I upgrade my version of Internet Explorer?

    To make it easy we have added a link to the downloads section on the right side navigation of this page.

    1.  Click on "Internet Explorer 7.0" found in the Access Downloads header.

    2.  Follow the on-screen directions provided by Microsoft®.

    Making Stewart Online a trusted site for your computer

    Stewart Online uses ActiveX and scripting to enhance your experience, but if you do not have us listed as a trusted site in your Internet Explorer settings, these features will be disabled. The result could vary from experiencing issues when attempting to view documents related to your transaction to not receiving in-process transaction notifications related to your pending closing.

    How do I identify Stewart Online as a trusted site on my computer?

    1.  Open an Internet Explorer window.

    2.  From the top window navigation click on "Tools" > "Internet Options". The Internet Options window will display.

    3.  From the "Security" tab select the "Trusted Sites" icon, then click the "Sites" button.

    4.  Uncheck the box next to "Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone."
    5.  Enter the following in the "Trusted Sites" window: * and *

     6.  Click "Add" and then "Close".


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